Any parent/guardian or extended family member, who shares the focus 
     of this organization by the “active” participation herein.  


  Membership Information
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     Any business willing to share the focus of this organization by sharing
     its "qualified” resources (people, technical equipment donation or use, 
     adopt a school, adopt a class, sponsor an activity, financial gifts) for
     parent/guardian enrichment, so that the link between education and a
     career is not lost. 



     Any community or neighborhood coalition seeking to embrace a child or 
     group of children to act in behalf of his/her parent/guardian (written 
     approval of parent/guardian is necessary) to “collectively” share the 
     focus of  this organization by the group participation therein. 

Parents raise your children.
Our Members

Children are the future, regular parent members, corporate members, community members all have the same goal, that is to have our children in school learning.

Values are the hallmark of our organization.  Upholding common values by discovering shared values is the source of our philosophy.

     Any individual who shares the goals and vision of this organization by
     sharing his/her qualified resources (professional skills and monetary 
     gifts accepted to organization as a whole), but does not participate in
     counseling sessions.

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