Parental Insight is a U.S. 501(c)3 non-profit corporation.

Parents and Counselors 
resolve issues
Our Philosophy

Parents raise your children in the way they should go,and when they are older they will not depart from these ways.

Counselors* work with parents to resolve issues that may result in uncommon behavior in a classroom setting.
Parent Benefits
When you support Parental Insight’s program initiatives, you make a needed difference in the lives of our youth and our community.

     Call 1866-486-9934 and consider sponsoring the following services:

  •  Tutor

  •  Mentor 

  •  Researcher

  •  Sentinel (parent authorized real-time video monitoring of child)

  •   Authorized access of stored video clips by a Parental Insight Network 
           professional Counselor, Personal Counselor, Special  Needs Counselor, 
           Legal, Tutor, Mental Health Physician, Pediatrics, Dental

  •  Legal counselor

  •  Counselor (non clinical)

  •  Administrator for Parent, Child, Teacher calendar coordination of events

  •  Concierge for forgotten lunch, replacement of clothes, Family food basket  

  •  Sentinel on site for recording of events when parent is unavailable

  •  Security Sentinel to watch child until parent /guardian arrives.  Sentinels record 
           real-time   video of time watching child

Community Benefits
Matching Gifts 
Many employers match employee annual gifts to non-profit organizations like Parental 
Insight. Maximize your donation by asking your employer if they have a matching gift 
program! You can turn $10 into $20 or $100 into $200! 
Stock Gifts  
Stock gifts are an excellent way to contribute to Parental Insight's long-term growth.
Before donating appreciated securities, confirm the benefits with your tax accountant.
Planned Giving 
A planned gift demonstrates your desire to see Parental Insight continue creating
opportunities for youth in the advancement of education and technology. Planned 
giving benefits you and your loved ones with substantial tax deductions.

Sponsors and Supporters Show Your Support!

Sponsor a child for the Parental Insight Network of services. 

  • Sponsor a child for Boot Camp placement (a child caught bullying, stealing, smoking, drinking, having sex, disrespecting parents/teachers, possession of weapons, etc.)

When you sponsor a child, your funds contribute to the advancement of education with
training and parental involvement.*
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