Apply for the Virtual Witness Program

Parental Insight Virtual Witness

Our Virtual Witness’ receive $100 to $500 for significant information. 

Your personally observed, legally obtained; Pictures, Video and other documentation may prevent the following:  

  •  Cyber-bullying (can be harder on students than physical beatings and name calling study finds.)
  • Cheating
  • Fighting and harassment
  • Stealing
  • Concealing and distribution of weapons
  • Racial/religious intimidation 
  • Violence of any kind towards another
  • Drug use and its distribution
  • Extortion 
  • Suicide
  • Drinking –and driving
  • Smoking 
  • Texting and driving 
  • Radical group participation

Students/Individuals interested in receiving instant money?  Anonymously tell what you know.  Observe students in school, in a chat room or any place being bullied.  Get the facts, and get-paid! 

Parents seeking to add an anonymous incentive to find evidence on a particular bully are      encouraged to apply. 

Family members seeking to pay top dollar to anyone that can produce evidence of maltreatment of any person in the care of someone else are encouraged to apply.

Parental Insight Virtual Witness Program is designed for the student or concerned individual of conscience, wanting to help another person through parental involvement. 

Parents Benefit:          

  • Supplements behavioral modification skills training 
  • Early intervention by factual discovery-seeing is believing
  • Control of your child before law-enforcement does
  • Revelation of missed opportunity to parent 
  • Opportunity to understand 
  • Redeems time to intervene
  • Prevention of premature death (parent-stress and child)
  • Parental responsibility directed towards resolving unsettling truths 
  • Resources for help and counseling 

Community Benefit

  • Supplements behavioral modification skills training 
  • Put the onus of parenting back on the parent
  • Assist parents before they loose control
  • Adopt a problem child through information and support 
  • Give all parents what they really want most- to give what is best to their children 

Rethinking the 'Unsafe School Choice Option'

Helping Students Get Proactive About Bullying

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