Our Philosophy

   Parents raise your children in  
   the way they should go,and 
   when they are older they will 
   not depart from these ways.

   Values are the hallmark of our 
   organization.  Upholding 
   common values by discovering 
   shared values is the source of 
    our philosophy.

     We have been in business for over 10 years, proudly serving the community.
     Parental Insight Inc. was formed to develop exciting and successful
     partnerships between families, educators, and family counselors by
     extending parental capability into the classroom through innovative and
     effective information management solutions.

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Parental Insight Inc.is a U. S. non-profit 501(c)3 Organization  Copyright© All rights reserved 1996-2023
Application Form

     Parental Insight is a unique parent involvement methodology.

     How Does It Work?

     1. Parent members access Parental Insight via the Internet
     2. Teachers capture and store in-class video clips of students
         exhibiting uncommon behavior.

     Membership Information

          -  Any parent/guardian or extended family member, 
                                           who shares the focus of this organization by the
                                           “active” participation herein.
    -  Any business willing to share the focus of this 
                                           organization by sharing its “qualified” resources 
                                           for parent/guardian enrichment, so that the link
                                           between education and a career is not lost.
Parent Benefits
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